Importance Of Instant Porridge Pots

porridge is one of the most popular breakfast in the world. When coupled with different fruits, it makes a healthy breakfast. Porridge can be made from a number of whole grains meaning that there are different types. One of the most popular is the oats porridge which is not only healthy but also filling. While some may dismiss porridge due to its often unattractive looks, there are a number of benefits that result from the intake of porridge especially as part of breakfast. For example, when going camping, you can easily pack and carry your favourite porridge for your family. This is applicable for people with young children who need to eat regularly.

High nutritive value

Vitamin E, iron, magnesium, Vitamin B, antioxidants, proteins, zinc and phytochemicals are some of the nutrients that can be found in porridge depending on its constituents. These assist in building or improving the body's immune system and to fight any imminent infections. Porridge whose constituents include whole grains have more nutrients and are therefore more valuable to the body compared to other snacks.

High fibre value

Porridge is rich in both soluble and insoluble fibre and it is therefore an important source of fibre in the body. Fibre has a number of functions in the body including enhancing proper digestion of food, preventing heart diseases, preventing constipation, reducing the probability of occurrence of haemorrhoids, and in the regulation of blood cholesterol. It also facilitates proper movement of waste products from the body and enhances stabilisation of the blood sugar which in the long term is a great way to minimises the probability of contracting type 2 diabetes. The fibre slows down the rate at which sugar is absorbed which in a way controls the level of glucose in the blood. This is essential for people who have diabetes and it also helps in preventing stroke, heart diseases and kidney problems.

Weight loss

When you take porridge, you are able to stay full for longer due to the presence of fibre. This minimises the frequency of food intake and therefore the amount of calories consumed. For people who are trying to lose weight, having porridge is a great way to control how often you eat in order to achieve your goals. In addition to this, porridge provides your body with energy to start off your day on a good note. Porridge is also relatively low in calories which also promotes weight loss.

instant porridge

This porridge, especially oat porridge, is sold in a ready form or when it is partly prepared to make it easier to prepare it in the morning. This prevents situations where people leave the house without taking breakfast simply because they did not have enough time to prepare it. It is available in different flavours making it easy for people to choose their favourite flavour. The flavour is also a great way to ensure that kids consume the porridge. However, it is advisable to read through the ingredients and to check the quantities to ensure that you are not opting for unhealthy products which could negatively affect your health and that of your children.

Although the term instant porridge is quite new, the practice can be traced back to over 8000 years back where ancient people would boil grain, leave it to dry, remove the bran part and grind it. This would then be stored for extended periods without going bad. When one wanted to take porridge, it could be taken in this form or soaked in hot water and it would be ready for consumption. Modern day instant porridge borrows heavily from this concept.

If you are trying to kick off your poor eating habits, you should try to start off your day with porridge. It will keep you full and prevent the use of unhealthy snacks in between meals. Given the benefits it has in the body, it is essential to incorporate it in your diet and that of your family.